Some fantastic Sunday brunch recipes that will be yummy as well as healthy

The concept of brunch has turn into one of the end of the week staples for the younger population: discover how you can cook it yourself and delight all your pals the next time you have people over!

Not everybody likes savoury flavours first thing in the morning, but that does not suggest that brunch can’t be for everybody: there are plenty of indulgent yet healthy brunch recipes centred around sweeter and fresher ingredients, such as fruit. One of the latest patterns in terms of healthy brunch recipes vegetarian people can enjoy, for instance, is that of yogurt bowls: it's a timeless breakfast dish, where you can add any kind of grain, granola or cereal to some Greek yogurt, and top it with a sweeter flavour such as berries, nuts, banana or something like honey or syrup. The latest development of this form of breakfast is the more colourful smoothie bowl, as seen on Anna Lindberg’s website, sometimes plant based and with more tropical ingredients such as chia seeds, which can be rendered much more aesthetically pleasing with things like edible flowers.

There is simply a lot of option when it comes to savoury brunch ideas, but an ingredient you certainly need to start thinking about if you are compiling a brunch grocery list is avocado. This fruit is quite versatile depending on how you determine to incorporate it in your dishes, but a recipe that has been extremely famous in the last few years is smashed avocado on toasted bread. There are a lot of varieties of this, whether you just pair it with some olive oil and chilli for great vegan brunch ideas, or pairing with sour cream, smoked salmon, or even fruit! To come across the combo of flavours that is most applicable to your taste, you can have a look at online platforms like Brittany Arnett’s dedicated social networks account. Not only is this dish delicious, but it is so photogenic and colourful that it will look great on your social media feed!

If you happen to look at the top rated brunch recipes, there is one ingredient that will many likely be present: eggs. Eggs are such a convenient food, and they might be used in many various tactics to enrich your morning dish with both protein and flavour. There are so many timeless dishes out there, and especially those originating in colder countries will usually feature eggs in some form: in a conventional English breakfast, for example, you will definitely come across some scrambled or fried eggs, and poached eggs are always renowned as a consequence of their runny yolk. If you want to find some healthy brunch recipes with eggs, there are lots of online resources to take inspiration from, such as the blog run by Neda Varbanova. Whether you prefer a croque monsieur or huevos rancheros, be sure you have some eggs in your kitchen before trying out your brunch cooking!

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